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Destiny is equal parts chance, freewill, and necessity.

This is blank because it is for you to fill, Mighty One.

The Capbearer Club
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At last, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the Mighty One!
Welcome to the one and only LiveJournal community dedicated to the early 90's cartoon, "Mighty Max"!

Whether it's the kooky kid hero that has you nostalgic, the ever-infallible Virgil, ass-kicking Norman or even the dastardly evil Skullmaster, this is the place to be. Chat with other fans about the show, get merchandise and episode information, trade stories and fanart, et cetera. And if the "Polly Pocket"-esque toyline is what originally struck your fancy, that's okay, too.

Even if "Mighty Max" is destined never to return to a decent cable timeslot (or any at all), the legend of the Capbearer can still persist online. And now, here is a quick word from Virgil:

ancient prophecies, anti-spiders, archaeology, artifacts, bea & felix, beetlebrow, being outnumbered, being summoned, best friends, big swords, brain-sucking aliens, capbearers, capes, catch phrases, cavemen, chance, compacts, cool moms, corey burton, corpus, cyberskull, cyclops, demons, destiny, dr. zygote, dragons, druids, eating enemies for breakfast, epic battles, evil clowns, fanart, fanfiction, fate, fighting evil, fooling teachers, frank welker, freewill, fuath, geography, getting into trouble, giant squids, god(desse)s, gorillas, gremlich sandwiches, grudges, guitar riffs, henchmen, history, hydra, ice aliens, iguanas, immortality, jiffie, kath soucie, kid heroes, languages, lava beasts, lavalord, legends, lemurian calculus, lemurians, lucky guesses, magic baseball caps, making excuses, mark zaslove, mattel, maxamillion, maximize!, mighty max, mongolia, mummies, myths, name-inscribed clothing, necessity, nicknames, no last names, norman, nostalgia, not flying/swimming, not just for boys, old friends, pirates, ponytails, portal hopping, portals, power, pretending to be brave, prophetic dreams, rats, ravendark, really big cats, reluctant heroism, richard moll, rob hudnut, rob paulsen, saving the day, scorpions, scrolls, serpents, skullmaster, smooth entrances, soulless minions, spike, stonehenge, swords, symbols, talking poultry, talon, the arcana, the boy's polly pocket, the chamber of destiny, the conqueror, the crystal of souls, thor, three-foot-tall-chickens, thwarting evil plans, tim curry, time travel, tipping the cosmic balance, tony jay, tress macneille, vampires, villains, virgil, warmonger, warriors, werewolves, zero island, zombies